At Island Hills Station we have made a commitment to low input free-range farming while protecting and enhancing nature. Our bee-keeping operation utilizes nectar from native plants to create products like beech honeydew and manuka honey.

The farm includes vast un-grazed mountain areas and boasts a 600-hectare QE II Open Space Covenant, the largest of its type in the Canterbury district. To protect the trees and shrubs we must control introduced possums and minimize numbers of wild deer and pigs. New Zealand’s unique native birds are vulnerable to attack from introduced predators such as stoats and rats which need regular removal. Even pest animals deserve a humane death so we use “instant kill” traps and bait stations. The downside to these pest control technologies is that they need regular checking, resetting and re-baiting, this is where you can help.

CONSERVATION at The Island Hills Station
Sponsor a Stoat Trap DOC 200

Sponsor a Stoat Trap DOC 200

Sponsor a Rat Trap

Sponsor a Rat Trap



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