Dogs at Island Hills Station


Dogs are welcome on the track under strict criteria and controls.


Notes For Dog Walkers

Dogs are welcome on the track, but they must meet the criteria and controls listed below so as not to upset other track and hut users, or disturb farm animals and wild life. There are pest control traps and bait stations along the walking track and at the huts, these are all dog safe.

If you wish to bring a dog please read our requirements below and inform the track ranger via e-mail at least one week prior to arrival at the property.

Dog friendly walking track Island Hills Station
Dogs are welcome at Island Hills Station
Walking track dog friendly

Dog Friendly


  • There may be other dogs and other people present on your trip, so your dog must not be aggressive or menacing in nature.
  • All dogs must have had a recent worm dosing including active ingredients listed to control sheep measles e.g Drontal.
  • Your dog must wear a collar or harness and owners must carry a leash to be used when appropriate, e.g around other dogs, around other people, while passing by farm animals or in areas where your dog is taking an interest in wildlife.
  • Dogs are to stay with their owners on the walking track and not be roaming out of sight.
  • Dog excrement is to be moved off the tracks and away from around camps and shelters.
  • Dogs are to be restrained around accommodation sites so as not to scavenge around bait stations or nuisance other track users.
  • Please muzzel your dog if it is known to attack birds.
  • No pig hunting dogs.
Dog kennel and run Island Hills Station

Dog Motels

Secure and cosy kennels and runs

There are secure and cozy dog motels (kennels and runs) set up next to each accommodation facility. We can transport in your dogs own bedding if you wish. Some people prefer to take a tent to sleep next to their dog, we are happy to transport these in. It is expected that you will ensure that your dog is not whining or barking at night.

Dogs are not allowed inside the huts. We have had this rule broken by some dog owners and received complaints from other users. We can’t afford to have YOUR dog spoiling someone else’s experience, if it happens again we will unfortunately need to ban dogs from the walking track.

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